Biometric analysis and information systems for forestry & agriculture







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Denis Alder - Consulting Services

I offer consulting services to develop information systems, undertake surveys, do quantitative and statistical analysis and develop predictive models relative to global forestry, principally in the tropics. I am also doing some similar work in agriculture, particularly in the United Kingdom. Specific areas of work where I am currently active include:

  • Forest mapping, inventories and planning for sustainable management
  • Growth models and yield forecasting for natural forests and plantations
  • Allometric models, carbon accounting and MRVS, baseline studies for REDD and VCS projects
  • Harvest planning and stock mapping systems to support RIL and forest certification
  • Open-source software for forest planning with GIS, remote sensing and forest models
  • Internet-based systems for agricultural surveys and online data analysis and presentation

For examples of the scope of past work please see the Publications page. Most publications over the last 15 years can be downloaded in PDF format, as well as some older ones in scanned image format. The Clients page also provides a list of the organizations I have consulted for.

Please contact me by email if you would like further information on the services available or any past products.